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Increase Storage Capacity & Efficiency with Three-Dimensional Compression

Discover the new mobile shelving storage system that adapts with your ever changing needs

Introducing SpaceMaster 2.0

The SpaceMaster 2.0 is the next generation of Compactus styled storage systems.

Developed by Westlab, the SpaceMaster focuses on three-dimensional (3D) compression to maximise storage capacity and flexibility.

By combining the iconic Gratnells frames and tray, and the Freetrack systems, the SpaceMaster offers unmatched storage configurations and ease of use.

Three-dimensional compression in action

Explore what makes the SpaceMaster 2.0 the best Compactus styled storage system

One system, limitless configurations

Unmatched flexibility and setup options to ensure you make the most of your storage space

*Units height: 1,950mm

2 column units

W 2,300 x D 819mm
W 3,200 x D 819mm
W 4,100 x D 819mm
W 5,000 x D 819mm

3 column units

W 2,300 x D 1,164mm
W 3,200 x D 1,164mm
W 4,100 x D 1,164mm
W 5,000 x D 1,164mm

4 column units

W 2,300 x D 1,532mm
W 3,200 x D 1,532mm
W 4,100 x D 1,532mm
W 5,000 x D 1,532mm

5 column units

W 2,300 x D 1,877mm
W 3,200 x D 1,877mm
W 4,100 x D 1,877mm
W 5,000 x D 1,877mm

6 column units

W 2,300 x D 2,222mm
W 3,200 x D 2,222mm
W 4,100 x D 2,222mm
W 5,000 x D 2,222mm

7 column units

W 2,300 x D 2,590mm
W 3,200 x D 2,590mm
W 4,100 x D 2,590mm
W 5,000 x D 2,590mm

8 column

W 2,300 x D 2,935mm
W 3,200 x D 2,935mm
W 4,100 x D 2,935mm
W 5,000 x D 2,935mm

9 column units

W 2,300 x D 3,280mm
W 3,200 x D 3,280mm
W 4,100 x D 3,280mm
W 5,000 x D 3,280mm

Technical Specifications

Explore what makes the SpaceMaster 2.0 the best Compactus styled storage system

Gratnells Frames

Width: Double/Triple column heavy duty frame

Material: Steel

Load Capacity: up to 250 kg

Dimensions: 710/1055mm W x 420mm D x 1850mm H

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Warranty: 5 Years

Gratnells Trays

Features: Anti-Static Additive for Dust Protection, Anti-Fade Colour Protector, Scratch Resistant

Material: Polypropylene

Load Capacity: up to 5 kg

Size Options: Shallow, Deep, Extra Deep and Jumbo

Colour Options: Translucent, Flame Red, Dark Green, Sunshine Yellow, Cyan Blue, Dark Blue & Jolly Lime.

Dimensions: 312mm W x 430mm D

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Track System

Material: Aluminium

Drive Type: Mechanically assisted

Color: Anodized Aluminimum

Track Width: 288mm (standard), 325mm (with drive chain)

Max. Bay Carrying Capacity: 700kg (if uniformly distributed load)

Overall Max. Movable Load: 6,000kg (if uniformly distributed load)

Security: Track lock

Country of Origin: Australia

Warranty: 10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Bento Lab is designed to match or exceed the performance of traditional thermocyclers.

Temperature is controlled using industry-standard peltier modules, for high accuracy and speed. The Bento Lab peltier modules are specifically designed for robustness in thermo-cycling applications. For accurate temperature measurements, Bento Lab uses platinum resistance thermometers, the gold standard in temperature accuracy and reliability.

From the start, Bento Lab has been rigorously tested by our team of molecular biologists, research partners and independent testing houses. Bento Lab’s performance has been independently verified by scientists at world-leading research universities, institutes and commercial labs internationally on a broad variety of applications.

Avoid UV damage, and visualise DNA safely with Bento Lab, using green fluorescent nucleic acid dyes designed for blue-light excitation.

Bento Lab is compatible with a wide range of dyes, including GelGreen®, GreenView, SYBR Green, and SYBR Safe. Our recommended stain for beginners is GelGreen® from Biotium because of its improved safety profile.

Yes, Bento Lab works with standard reagents and consumables, from 0.2mL PCR tubes to 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes. With 32 wells, Bento Lab can accommodate four 8-tube strips for sequencing prep.

The Biotechnology Starter Kit is our educational genetics kit. If you have a background in molecular biology, then get started with just Bento Lab.

For first-timers looking for an introduction to genetics, you can add a Biotechnology Starter Kit to your Bento Lab, which provides everything you need to learn about molecular biology and genetics hands-on.

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